New Ushur Website View

Did you see a difference in the website??? Yes!!! We have a new view to the page available and I hope you have given a look into it.

Nearly all of the web pages have been updated in this round, including key pages such as our Platform and Products pages, Solutions (industry and use case) pages, a new Resources page, and new Company pages (including a new About Us and Careers page). We have made significant updates to the site navigation that enables fast and easy access to the key information for all visitors. This refresh follows the homepage update that we did late last year. Even the web pages we have refreshed will continue to go through updates as we add new content, animations, videos and much much more.

As a part of phase 2 we will bring in more updates to some pages on

Please visit and browse through our entire website at your earliest and share your comments and suggestions using this form:

Our website is our face to the whole world and we would like your comments/suggestions to see the best out of it. Thank you!

Looks awesome! Top menu bars show all the use cases we have worked on.
I’m fan of the blog page as well. lots of cool content there.


The new website looks cool. The way content is organized , focus on industry verticals all looks good. A wealth of information. Kudos to the team that worked on this !